Mounting Film

A lineup of mounting films for inkjet media.

Code Product Base Film Thickness Weight Surface Adhesive Block out Release paper&Back INK
MF-SW Mounting Film with Single Silicone Adhesive PET 50mic (2.0mil) 265g/㎡ - Permanent / Silicone × PET Liner Lamination Film
MF-ACW High Durable and Transparent Mounting Film
PET 50mic (2.0mil) 195g/㎡ - Permanent / Removable × PET Liner Lamination Film
MF-DTW Mounting Film with Single Dot Adhesive PET 50mic (2.0mil) 190g/㎡ - Permanent / Dot Adhesive × PET Liner Lamination Film
M250 Mounting Pet Film PET 250mic (9.8mil) 350g/㎡ - - × PET Liner Lamination Film
*All mounting films have permanent adhesive on one side and easy removable adhesive on the other side.