Mounting Film


LMFS is a double-sided adhesive mount film with permanent adhesive processing on one side and silicon adhesion on the other side.
You can paste the printed material inside the glass surface and use it for the purpose of showing it to the outside.
Silicone stickiness makes work for pasting on glass easier.

Product standard

Code Product Base Film Surface Coating Thickness
Weight (g/㎡) Aqueous Solvent Latex UV
LF-MPS Mounting Film One side Permanent One side Silicon Adhesive PET Clear - 115   - - - -
LF-MAF Mounting Film One side Bubble free Adhesive PET Clear - 150   - - - -


Various expressions are possible by combining with various products.
Since the surface to be glued to the glass was treated with silicone adhesive, you do not need to worry about adhesive residue when peeling off.
It is best when used in combination with a banner for duplex printing.
Please experience a glass sign with various expressiveness with LMFS.


Combined with a double-sided banner it is ideal for window display.