Lamination Film


This product can protects customers valuable prints from scratches, and it will be able to be used for a long time.
By sticking this product to an existing printed matter, the sharpness of the color rises, the product becomes hard, and even a thin banner will be finished into a product with a high-class feeling.

Product standard

Code Product Base Film Surface Coating Thickness
Weight (g/㎡) Aqueous Solvent Latex UV
P50DL Dry Erase Lamination Film  Ultra Clear Ultra Matte Dry Erase 105 130 - - - -
P50DLM Dry Erase Lamination Film Matte Surface Matte Ultra Matte Dry Erase 105 130 - - - -
P100F Lamination Film for Floor Ultra Clear Ultra Matte Hard Coating 105 130 - - - -

If you use P50 WHB, the banner becomes a white board.


Hard coat on the laminate surface to protect the product from scratches.
Because it adopts a base material with excellent diffusing power, by laminating, it shines brilliantly than the existing color.


All banners to use in places where there are many people.
When you want to protect the printed side.
when you need a high-class feeling.