With digital printing you will be able to produce beautiful oil paintings.
I will introduce that beautiful material.

Product standard

Code Product Base Film Surface Coating Thickness
Weight (g/㎡) Aqueous Solvent Latex UV
WNF100 Water Based Non Woven Fabric Non Woven Fabric Matte Porous 330 170 ×
SNF100 Solvent Based Non Woven Fabric Non Woven Fabric Semi-Matte Porous 350 210 ×
SLT150 Light Cloth PEs Matte KNIFE 160 140 ×
SLTA Self adhesive Textile Block Out PEs Matte KNIFE 350 340 ×
STXAB Micro suction adhesive Textile Semi-Matte RESIN 300 250 ×
WC450 Water Based Canvas Canvas Matte POROUS 480 450 ×
SC450 Solvent Based Canvas Canvas Semi-Matte RESIN 480 450 ×


It is a product coated with an excellent and descriptive chemical formula on the surface, consisting of fiber mixed with cotton and poly. Because the drying property of the surface of this product is very fast, it does not penetrate the ink up to the fiber. The product’s expressive power of color is an improvement compared to other product as it produces images that seem like a real picture.


Premium canvas printing,
Home decoration,
art galleries,