Backlit Film


Our backlit film is capable of expressing amazing graphics.
Please realize various expressions with various backlight type, reverse type, clear type, embossed type various illumination type film.
Outdoor products and indoor products are available.
It is the line of the product which is the best product of color diffusion effect.

Product standard

Code Product Base Film Surface Coating Thickness
Weight (g/㎡) Aqueous Solvent Latex UV
WBF Water based Backlit Film PET Matte M/P 215 275 ×
SBFM Solvent Backlit Film Matte Surface PET Matte M/P 215 275 ×
SBFS Solvent Backlit Film Satin Surface PET Satin RESIN 215 275 ×
SBFG Solvent Backlit Film Glossy Surface PET Glossy RESIN 215 275 ×
SBFR Solvent Backlit Film Reverse Type PET Matte RESIN 190 200 ×
LBFR Latex & UV Backlit Film Reverse Type PET Matte RESIN 150 195 × ×


By illuminating the light on the front and back, it is possible to express the best color.
The ability to manufacture superior chemicals is the ability to produce materials with high spreading power.
At the moment when the light is illuminated, it becomes even more colorful, and it is possible to express the night scene of a nice night.


Light panel, backlight sign, glass sign